Arginine/Ornithine - 100 Veg Capsules (Now Foods)

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Arginine/Ornithine 100 vcaps by Now Foods

500 mg/200 mg Amino Acids Protein Metabolism Nitric Oxide Promoter Urea Detox Steroid Tested Vegan Kosher Non-GMO Informed Sport - We Test, You Trust A Dietary Supplement Halal GMP Quality Assured Arginine & Ornithine combines two complementary amino acids in one convenient supplement. Arginine is required for proper elimination of urea from the body, which occurs through a critical metabolic cycle that detoxifies the body of nitrogen compounds that are normal by-products of protein metabolism. Ornithine is synthesized from arginine and is a precursor of citrulline, proline and glutamic acid. Both of these amino acids are popular with athletes and other active individuals.