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If you’re looking for a supplement that may work to maintain blood sugar balance‚ Rx Vitamins’ DB-7 might be right for you.

First‚ every serving of DB-7 provides 750 milligrams of gymnema sylvestre extract. Notably‚ this herb contains active compounds known as gymnemic acids that could potentially offer support for healthy pancreatic function; this is important because your pancreas is responsible for producing insulin‚ which is a hormone that can play a role in regulating blood glucose levels.

This Rx Vitamins supplement also contains nutrients like chromium‚ zinc‚ and vitamin C that might help your body utilize the insulin in your body more effectively.

Finally‚ DB-7 provides alanine and glutamine. Significantly‚ these two amino acids may act to preserve already healthy blood sugar levels by working to regulate glucose metabolism.