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MyoMax is a high-dose, 100% soy-free K2 vitamin supplement (vit k2 mk7) formulated to support healthy mitochondrial function.*

Why MyoMax Vitamin K?
40-50% increase in ATP production within mitochondria
12% increase in cardiac output
Improves aerobic capacity from cellular level
Extends duration of peak fitness by 20-30%
Increases efficiency in training and sports performance
MyoMax has been clinically shown to improve cardiovascular performance in healthy adults. Cardiovascular performance was measured as a change in V02max, and specifically cardiac output. These end-points were measured as part of a double-blind, placebo-controlled University study as well as an initial, pilot trial.
The results of this K-2 vitamin are impressive and the researching professor has described the effect of 8 weeks of supplementation with MyoMax as being equivalent to 6 months of high intensity interval training. Another component that determines an athlete’s ability to perform is mitochondrial function and ATP production. MyoMax has been shown to support mitochondrial function and ATP production.*

MK7 vitamin K2 is the driver that takes free calcium from the blood, deposits from the arteries, and joint spaces sending it to the bones - thus supporting cardiovascular health and bone health (and can support already healthy bone strength). In recent studies, the supplementation of Vitamin K2-7 improved cardiac output by 22% at resting heart rate and 13% at maximum heart rate. This is the definition of performance enhancement. Clinical trials have demonstrated 6-weeks of Vitamin K2-7 supplementation has the ability to support strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and bone health.*

K2 vitamin supplement mk-7 that may act as as supportive energy supplements and bone health supplements women and men support.*