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Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower are a variation of the popular Bach Flower Remedies' Rescue Pastilles. These pastilles offer the same emotional support as traditional Rescue Pastilles but feature a different flavor combination—orange and elderflower. Here are some key points about Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower:

  1. Ingredients: Similar to traditional Rescue Pastilles, Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower typically contain the same five Bach Flower Remedies found in Rescue Remedy: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum. These remedies are chosen for their potential to address emotional states such as anxiety, stress, and emotional tension.

  2. Form: Like other Rescue Pastilles, these pastilles come in the form of chewable lozenges. They are designed to be easy to consume and convenient for on-the-go use.

  3. Flavor: Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower feature a refreshing and aromatic orange and elderflower flavor. This flavor combination can make them more appealing to individuals who enjoy fruity and floral tastes.

  4. Emotional Support: Just like the original Rescue Pastilles, Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower are intended to provide emotional support during times of stress, anxiety, or emotional turmoil. They are used to help individuals find a sense of calm and balance.

  5. Convenience: These pastilles are portable and can be carried with you, making them suitable for moments when you need emotional support in your daily life. Simply chew or let the pastille dissolve in your mouth.

  6. Safety: Bach Flower Remedies, including those used in Rescue Pastilles, are generally considered safe and have no known side effects. They are a gentle and natural form of complementary therapy.

  7. Individualized Approach: The Bach Flower Remedies system takes an individualized approach to emotional well-being. The choice of remedies, including Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower, depends on the emotional state of the individual.

  8. Not a Replacement: While Rescue Pastilles can be beneficial for emotional support, they are not a substitute for medical treatment, particularly for severe emotional or psychological conditions. They are intended to provide comfort and emotional equilibrium alongside appropriate care.

  9. Consultation: Some individuals prefer to consult with a Bach Flower Practitioner or healthcare professional trained in Bach Flower Remedies for personalized guidance on product selection and usage.

Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower offer an alternative flavor option for those seeking emotional support using Bach Flower Remedies. Their pleasant taste and calming effects make them a valuable resource for managing stress and anxiety in daily life. Whether you choose the traditional or flavored Rescue Pastilles, they can be a helpful tool for finding emotional balance during challenging times